2022 International Conference on Renewable Energy and Electrical Technology(ICREET 2022)
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ICREET 2022 welcomes original and unpubliahed manuscripts. All manuscripts invited or contributed, will be reviewed by two or three experts from the committees. After a careful reviewing process, manuscripts should be submitted to journals which are EI compendex indexed. 

01. Renewable Energy01. 可再生能源
Renewable Energy Engineering(Solar, Biomass, Wind, Nuclear, Hydrogen, etc.)


Renewable Energy Power Generation 可再生能源发电
Renewable Energy Power System Modeling, Analysis and Simulation可再生能源的电力系统建模、分析及仿真
High Reliability Relay Protection Technology for Renewable Energy Power Systems可再生能源的电力系统高可靠性继电保护

02. Energy Technology, Utilization and Development02. 能源技术、利用和发展
Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology节能环保技术

Sustainable Coal Utilization and Clean Coal Technology


Natural Gas Hydrate Development Technology

Clean Production and Green Chemical Technology清洁生产和绿色化工技术
Energy Internet Technology能源互联网技术
Energy Efficiency


Hydrogen and Fuel Cells


Energy Clean Utilization


03. Electricity, Electrical Systems03. 电力、电气系统
Electric Motors and Drives电机和驱动
Power Converter电力转换器
Electric Battery and BMS电瓶和BMS
Smart Grid Power Transmission and Distribution智能电网输电和配电

Noise, Vibration, EMI and EMC

Power Quality电能质量
Power System Analysis电力系统分析
New Power System Technologies新型电力系统技术
Power Systems and it's Automation电力系统及其自动化 
Power System Modeling, Simulation and Analysis 电力系统建模、仿真和分析 

Power System Protection, Operation and Control

Power System Reliability and Security电力系统可靠性和安全性
Power System Stability电力系统稳定性 
Power IoT电力物联网 
MEMS-Microsensors and StructuresMEMS-微传感器和结构 
Sensors and Micro Machines传感器和微型机器 
Transmission and Distribution Systems and Equipment输配电系统和设备 
Electric Traction Systems and Control电力牵引系统和控制 
Inverter and Converter Technology逆变器和转换器技术

Topics of interest for submission include but are not limited, other related topics can also be submitted.